The Importance of Vitamin D

Did you know how important vitamin D is to a healthy lifestyle? I just finished doing a bit of research on the subject and decided to make some changes to my health regime to make sure that I’m getting enough vitamin D.

I used to live in the Pacific Northwest before moving to New York. If you have ever lived in that part of the world or anywhere like it, you know that sunshine can be few and far between. However, sunshine is a very important source of vitamin D which your body needs in order to be healthy. In addition to getting vitamin D from sunshine, you can also get it from certain foods, like red meat. You can also get vitamin D in supplement/vitamin form, or from a tanning bed.

I’m not really the sort of girl to use a tanning bed, given that I prefer a more natural lifestyle. In addition, I don’t eat a ton of red meat. As a result, it can sometimes be a challenge, especially during a long winter or cloudy spell, to ensure that I’m getting enough vitamin D. Luckily, I have some friends with a small apartment down in Tucson, Arizona. Sometimes I’m able to get a last minute flight there pretty cheaply, and even staying the weekend and charging up with a bit of sunshine to be a welcome respite.

Some of my friends have invested in what is known as SAD lamps, (SAD stands for seasonal affective disorder) which are special lamps which generates artificial light that simulates actual sunshine. Although I’m not sure if they actually help produce vitamin D within the body, they have been known to combat depression and other symptoms associated with lack of sunshine. I just a little bit of a Google research and found this great article on SAD lamp. Maybe something I’ll check out in the future!

How about all of you? Any issues with lack of sunshine where you live?

Sending lots of sunshine,