Thoughts on DIY Yoga!

So, my favourite yoga instructor in the world recently left the yoga studio I go to! This yoga instructor, whose name is Rebecca, has been my instructor there for five whole years. She was my instructor when I first started practising yoga and was so inflexible I could barely touch my toes, believe it or not!

Rebecca and I got along very well right from the start, and she became a good friend who genuinely cared about my health and improvement. Over the years, she’s helped me become much more flexible and healthy. It’s with a heavy heart that I now see her move across the country to pursue a different opportunity. Of course, as sad as I am about it, I’m happy to see that she’s growing in her career and pursuing some great opportunities.

Given that I’ve been practising yoga for five years under one of the best instructors ever, I now pretty much know all of the poses and can do them reasonably well. I’m thinking that, in light of that, maybe I no longer need to attend yoga classes and can do my own DIY yoga in the comfort of my living room.

The one thing I’ll probably miss about going to yoga classes is the great community of people that go. It’s always so much easier to push your boundaries in yoga class and shoot for the moon when you’re surrounded by other energetic people doing exactly the same thing. From that perspective, having access to an instructor is only part of the reason why you’d want to go to a yoga studio – the other half of it is being surrounded by community of people who will help you do your very best.

Anyway, right now, I think I’ll try to set up my own DIY yoga studio in the living room in my apartment, and see how it goes. Wish me luck!

Lots of love,