Moscow Mule Mugs – Things I Love!

I recently discovered a new product that I absolutely love!

Christmas is coming, which means plenty of time with family. My family tends to enjoy having a few drinks every now and then, and Christmas is no exception! My brothers and sisters and I also love making different cocktails, and even having cocktail making competitions. Grandpa apparently has the most experience with cocktails (he jokes that he has been around since they were invented) so he is usually the judge!

Anyway, I recently bought a six-piece set of these gorgeous Moscow Mule mugs, which I’m very excited about bringing out at Christmas with the family this year. I love Moscow Mules but have never made my own using real copper mugs. I’ve been practicing making them (a girl needs to make sure¬†she beats the competition!) and have been amazed to see what a difference serving it out of a copper mug can make. The copper adds a special flavor to the drink which is hard to describe but works perfectly!

How about you guys? Does your family enjoy cocktails or other fun beverages during the holidays?

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Lots of Love,