Essentials Oils – Things I Love!

These days it seems I can’t walk two blocks in New York City without hearing someone talking about essential oils. They’ve become that popular!

I must say I resisted getting into them for sometime, but after visiting a friend who was super into essential oils and even sells them herself, I gave in! She sent me home with a few samples in addition to all the sampling I did while visiting her and I was obsessed!

I really love peppermint and lavender (basic but so good) and now I am thinking about buying a diffusor for my house. For now I bought some roller ball vials that I fill with liquid coconut oil and a few drops of my favorite oils and I rub that one my temples, wrist, collarbone and behind my ears when I need a pick me up or calm down depending on the oil used.

If you are interested in learning more about the brand of oils I use (Do Terra) check them out here. I will admit I am still learning a lot about oils so their website will be a much better resource than me but definitely check it out and let me know your favorite oils!

Lots of Love,